Changes in Japanese women's attitudes toward their careers.

Changes in Japanese women's attitudes toward their careers.

-Gender-related jobs
○economic causes
○Women's education

To Japanese girls, the most desired future used to be "to be a bride". At that time, working women retire according to marriage considered to be quite a favorable situation. But now a days, situation is changing and women's attitudes toward their careers are increasing in following three reasons.

First: bad economic situation.
On the centrally to Japan's high-growing economic era, Japan is now in a long recession. This causes the firing of employees, not only women but men. It means that if the husband was the only person who earns the money, the family could get in deep trouble.
Thus women are more eager to work these days regarding economic causes.

Second: more than 10 years have passed since the implementation of gender equal law.
The law banned the discrimination between gender upon hiring and promoting, and many women are working in the positions, which are considered to be men's posts.
This enables to promote women's profession, which could encourage other women to follow.

Third: changing education scene.
After the gender equal law, schools have also changed.
For example, household techniques like cooking, washing and sewing used to be the subjects for girls, on the other hand, electrical techniques and wood crafts used to be the subjects for boys. But now a days, those subjects became selectable depends on individual favors, which are widening the minds of people.

In conclusion, I would like to say that Japanese women's attitudes toward their career are increasing because of severe economic situation, change in the society and change of women's educations according to implementation of gender equal law. (20 min, 263 words)




Re:Changes in Japanese women's attitudes toward their careers.(09/08)
Hi! Kayo-san

Although I would like to agree with you,

but here in rural area, it looks the situation hasn't changed.

Most of husbands in this area said,

"Wife should be protect your own house.

Full time ladies worker are running out on

their duty."

I was really surprised these opinion.

Moreover, most of wives have also like those opinions.

"Full time worker ladies wouldn't cooperate with PTA or Fuzin-Kai and community association.They are useless."

Yesterday, we had an election of the lower house,and some of neighborhood people to assist

the election as volunteer.

Of course, I didn't go there but if the election as city assembly election , I have to go to campaign office as a volunteer.

Although it is volunteer but our duty.

Thus, in the rural area, wives are only volunteer labor power in community.

The government always said to boost the women's social advancement but it's only pie-in-the-sky in rural area.

Maybe, Japan will polarize between urban area and rural area.
Re[1]:Changes in Japanese women's attitudes toward their careers.(09/08)

Hi, how are you doing?

>"Full time worker ladies wouldn't cooperate with

>PTA or Fuzin-Kai and community association.

>They are useless."

I think this shows one reality.

Japanese society is very much relied on those volunteer, and without it, it is difficult to sustain the community.

Last year I was a member of Jichikai, and it was very useful for me to get acquaintance with my neighborhoods. They might keep an eye on my children after schools and could warn them if they are misbehaving. I served as a PTA at nursery school and it was very useful for me to make friends with other parents; and would like to volunteer for PTA when my daughters go to a primary school as much as I could.

I think every working person should not avoid unpaid work, or unless, working person should be aware of what they are owing to the volunteers.

In Japan, I think unpaid work is too much considered to be un-valuable.




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